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At Zinc Clinic Boutique Cosmetic Medicine, we aim to provide clients with a unique and positive cosmetic medical experience, in a boutique, private environment. Our main focus is on excellence, honesty, ethics, and patient satisfaction. We will endeavour to source the latest technological treatments mirrored with continued training and education, so that we may remain abreast in this ever changing industry. Excellent and friendly customer service is paramount. Our goal is to treat every patient as a special individual deserving of our undivided attention.

We aspire to provide Coffs Coast residents, with a full and comprehensive service that will negate the need to travel afar. We believe Cosmetic Medicine is a multidisciplinary field that is best provided by a medical practitioner with an excellent aesthetic eye and willing to provide appropriate consultation, advice, treatment, follow up and after care.


Our philosophy is straightforward. We believe everyone, whether female or male, young or old, deserves to look and feel the best they can for their age. The harsh Australian environment and stresses of life has had an effect on us all. The body and soul deserves to be restored, refreshed and refined, making for a happier and more satisfying life. We do not believe that this is vanity. Rather taking pride of and respecting ones natural beauty which is within us all. We do not believe in taking away from this natural beauty, but rather enhancing what has already been given to us. This translates to confidence and self esteem.

Our approach is not as straightforward as one would believe. Cosmetic Medicine requires a multidisciplinary approach. The combination of medicine and art is crucial. The Cosmetic Practitioner requires an excellent aesthetic eye and approach along with a comprehensive medical understanding of the stages of aging and long term prevention. Combining this with realistic patient expectations makes for a synergistic and balanced outcome.

At Zinc Clinic Boutique Cosmetic Medicine, we provide the latest in non-surgical face and body rejuvenation, along with the most advanced laser and light services. We consider these to have an enviable safety record along with providing improved patient benefits. All patients are special and have individual needs. Hence, each patient is assessed as such. Patient expectations, facial features, ethnicity and skin type are all taken into consideration during consultation and the most appropriate management plan is created. Using medical and artistic judgement, we provide the patient with a comprehensive and informative range of options. Care is taken to provide accurate costs and budgets, advantages and disadvantages of all options and alternatives, to achieve a desired and realistic outcome and maintenance programme that best enhances the appearance of the individual. We believe in personal choices and aim to provide you with the most personalised service and attention to details.

We take pride in being ethical, honest and professional and duly respect that our patients be informed that Cosmetic Medicine is not an exact science and no guarantees can ever be made. We also reserve the right to decline treatment of any patient if we believe such management is not in the patient’s best interest. Our patients and their wellbeing are our priority.

We conduct proper and relevant medical histories, examinations and treatments. The individuals privacy is respected and in accordance with the Privacy Act. Treatments are only undertaken when informed consent has been given from either patient or guardian. All treatments are undertaken by a medically qualified doctor, Dr Joseph Anthony Beaini.

At Zinc Clinic, we stand behind Coffs Harbour and the Coffs Coast. We are here to provide a full and comprehensive service to the residents of this region, negating the need for them to travel afar or rely on visiting practitioners for restricted services. They can be assured of ongoing follow up care and personalised, friendly service.

At Zinc Clinic, we pride ourselves on your satisfaction.

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Dr Joe graduated from the University of Sydney in 1989 and has practiced medicine since that time. In his first four years as a doctor, he trained in various disciplines of medicine and surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick. Following this, he practiced as a General Practitioner for 9 years. He was one of two principal doctors in two successful surgeries in Sydney.

Having moved to Coffs Harbour in 2002, Dr Joe spent three years working in the Emergency Department at the Coffs Harbour Base Hospital. He has spent over five years in the Intensive Care Unit as a Senior Career Medical Officer and currently still holds this position.

In the field of Cosmetic Medicine, Dr Joe has trained under various leaders in the field, both local and international practitioners and specialists. His skills and knowledge in Cosmetic Medicine are kept current by frequently attending conferences, workshops and having a close liaison with representatives of the drug and laser companies that are experts in their products. He is currently a full member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Medicine. Dr Joe is a Certified NSW Trainer for Cutera Lasers. He has a keen aesthetic eye and the ability to transform this to the human canvas. Balancing facial and body features to achieve natural and desirable results are paramount to his practice of Cosmetic Medicine. Dr Joe believes that a gentle manner and giving realistic expectations are essential to ensure client satisfaction and happiness. He prides himself on providing a high level of client care with quality aesthetic results.

Dr Joe enjoys all things beautiful and aesthetic. Nature, architecture, design and fashion are his passion. He believes that looking good transforms itself to feeling good and enhancing ones self esteem. He is passionate about Coffs Harbour and the Coffs Coast and bringing to it all that is real and true in Cosmetic Medicine.


Prior to moving to Coffs Harbour in 2002, Mark held a position for 20 years as a Signal Electrician. Since, he opened and managed a boutique five star bed and breakfast, “beachculture bedandbrunch”. This was an amazing enterprise for Mark as it was the only accommodation of its rating in the Mid North Coast area and beyond. His passion for perfection and his undivided attention to clients, transformed this business into a true success.

He has now moved on as Zinc Clinic’s Clinic Co-ordinator. With him, he brings perfection, organisation and an unparalleled dedication to clients and their needs. He has the ability to form great rapport with individuals and make them feel special and welcome. This is because he believes that everyone is unique and special and deserve to be treated with respect and privacy.

Mark looks forward to welcoming you to Zinc Clinic. He is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.




At Zinc Clinic Boutique Cosmetic Medicine, we believe that everyone has a right to be fully informed and make educated choices regarding their treatment, desired outcome, risk factors and cost. Everyone is an individual, as are their cosmetic concerns. Our objective is to listen, access and inform clients of what treatment or treatments are best suited to them.

With any new treatment that you are considering at Zinc Clinic, an experienced cosmetic doctor will discuss your requirements with you and ensure all your questions are answered prior to the procedure taking place.

At consultation the doctor will:

  • tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs
  • discuss costs and budget
  • discuss the use of anaesthetic and analgesia
  • discuss the risks of treatment
  • discuss any medical concerns you may have
  • take a medical history, note any allergies and medications
  • arrange referral to the most appropriate specialist if it is felt necessary for other treatments not performed by a cosmetic doctor, such as skin cancer or plastic surgery
  • arrange pre procedure photography

We ask that you arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your first consultation for completion of patient details. There is a consultation fee applicable which will be credited towards same day or next visit treatments or procedures (conditions apply).


Rationale skincare takes a scientific and medically-based approach to protecting, refining and repairing your skin. Concentrated, evidence-based formulas with active ingredients restore optimal skin function and result in visible improvements to skin texture, tone, luminosity and hydration.

The Rationale skincare range is suitable for all skin types and can be customized and tailored to patients' needs. Your cosmetic doctor will be able assess your skin and prescribe the appropriate products for you.

Fundamental to Rationale’s advanced skincare concepts is the 'Essential Six' range which is based upon established scientific foundations. The traditional regime of tone, cleanse and moisturising has now been replaced with a cutting-edge, scientific approach to medical skin care: immune protection, antioxidants, UV defence, cleansing, cell repair and exfoliation.

The range includes the following:

- Moisturise

Smooth, supple and comfortable. Maximum-hydration formulas boost hydration and firmness while antioxidant vitamins protect from environmental aggressors. Time release formulas keep skin luminous throughout the day.

- Protect (Day)

The day begins with a ritual designed to nurture and enhance your skin’s immune system. Vitamins and minerals to nourish and protect. A luminosity and confidence you project to the world.

- Repair (Night)

Assists with skin repair from the days sun damage and UV exposure and a gentle exfoliant that improves skin tone.

- Supplement

Healthy, happy skin from within. Morning and evening supplements to boost skin immunity during the day and repair cellular structures as you sleep. Holistic health is reflected in every organ and system in your body. Your skin illuminates a total sense of wellbeing.

- Body

Soft, smoothed and tanned. Loving attention for every part of your body. Hydrating creams and self-tanners that work with your skin’s physiology. Healthy, vital skin to live in.

- Sun Protection

Healthy skin, protected from the sun by broad-spectrum UV coverage. Nurtured with essential skin minerals. Non-greasy, super-hydrating formulas moisturise your face and body, keeping your skin supple and protected all day long. All Rationale suncare products are rigorously tested and are TGA approved, ensuring your skin receives the greatest care and protection.

- Treatment

Giving your skin the reward it deserves. An opportunity to replenish and restore. Treatments that draw on medical science and holistic wisdom to nurture and rejuvenate. Customised to your skin’s unique needs. Time out to say “thank you”. Radiance renewed.

- threeFIX

Clear skin in three simple steps. A skin clarity system that improves tone and clarity of oily, congested, inflamed skin without irritating or drying. Morning and evening treatment cleanses, unclogs and clears blocked pores.

- Make-up

The finishing touches that project your inner beauty and confidence. Radiant skin. Glowing cheeks. Luxurious lashes. Soft, full lips. Polished and refined. A true reflection of who you are.

- Skincare

Healthy, happy skin. Nurtured by science. A sense of inner confidence and wellbeing reflected in a radiant, glowing complexion. Your skin's full potential realised.

These products are exclusively available through medical specialists.

View RATIONALE product range


There is clear evidence outlining a change in the skin's cell stimulation if the Dermaroller is used regularly (up to 4 times per week). Use with active ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Minerals & Peptides can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and improve tone.

The benefits are:
  • increased epidermal thickness
  • reduction of enlarged pores
  • re-vascularisation / skin stimulation
  • sebaceous-gland (oil flow) regulation
  • treatment of pigmentation
  • improve transdermal delivery of skin products
  • the process is entirely painless
  • no damage to the skin
  • it can be used on thin, sensitive skins
  • does not make the skin sun-sensitive
  • lasts 6 months if used 4 times per week
  • quality assured: ISO 13485 approved

View DERMAROLLER product range

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special occasions

Look your best, feel your best, perform at your best.

When planning your upcoming special occasion, a fabulous face and body should never be overlooked. At Zinc Clinic, we will help you to look and feel your best on your special day.

Your face in general has a big impact on first impressions, whether it is an important job interview, a family gathering, a school reunion or a wedding. These events are one of the most memorable, and will be captured on film for all to see for decades to come. As well as investing in the amazing gown or suit, the flowers and the hair, an increasing number of people are choosing to invest and improve their features prior to their special occasion. It is not just the ladies; men are also choosing to improve their look for that special day.

However, great things do not happen overnight. Do not be disappointed. Allow enough time for:

  • consultation and treatment plans
  • necessary appointments to undertake procedures and allow time for reviews
  • budgeting and time frames
  • time for recovery
  • achievement of optimum results varies greatly between treatments

At Zinc Clinic, we recommend a minimum time allowance of 4 weeks, but a consultation at 8 weeks prior to the event would be preferable. If you believe more sophisticated treatments such as laser and light therapies are required or if you are just unsure, a consultation three months ahead would be beneficial.

Suggested treatments for men and women include:

  • anti-wrinkle injections
  • dermal fillers
  • facial contouring
  • microhydrabrasion and chemical peels
  • skin resurfacing and limelight/IPL

So, impress your family, friends, a new employer or even a new partner.

Remember, to achieve the optimal look, allow plenty of time.

for men

No longer is cosmetic medicine the domain of the female sex. There has recently been a strong shift with an increasing number of males seeking non surgical treatments to enhance their features. Whether it be to improve their self esteem, keep ahead of their male colleagues in the business arena or simply to keep pace with their companions, the trend is strong and likely to become even more popular.

One third of all people undergoing treatment to augment their cheek bones were men. For every three women who received an anti-wrinkle injection, one man also had a winkle-altering jab. Men also accounted for 17 per cent of those who underwent other non-invasive injectable procedures and laser skin treatments.

Men were increasingly turning up for treatment at cosmetic medicine clinics, though they did not necessarily want to talk about it. "It is secret men's business... a lot of men still think they'll get ridiculed if they tell any of their male cohorts that they have had something done."

Source: AAP NewsWire Presented Cosmetex Conference 2010

What are a males cosmetic needs?

At Zinc Clinic we have a comprehensive range of medical treatments specially designed for the needs of the male client. All treatments available at our clinic are also suitable for men. So what is the difference? The aesthetic and medical treatment of the male patient is influenced by the uniqueness of their physiology and anatomy. Care needs to be taken when assessing and treating a male that the treatment does provide them with a refreshed and refined look but also maintaining their masculinity that obviously sets them apart from a female. Everyone is an individual and has individual needs. A practitioner with a keen aesthetic eye and a good understanding of the male facial anatomy would be able to provide a positive and realistic outcome.

What treatments are available for men?

All our treatments at Zinc Clinic are available for men. However they would be tailored for the male anatomy. At consultation, concerns are discussed with the treating doctor and a treatment plan is put together. The most popular treatments for men would include anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, facial contouring including cheeks and lips, injections for excessive sweating, vein therapy, management of sun spots, hair removal and rosecea. Overall, every treatment may play a part.

non-surgical treatments

We are strictly non-surgical. With the latest cosmetic treatments you can improve just about any appearance or concern and achieve a refreshed more confident look and an improved self-esteem. Discover effective, non-invasive medical cosmetic treatments which can provide beneficial results for fine lines and wrinkles, lips and facial contours, skin tone and complexion and more annoying problems such as excessive sweating.

At Zinc Clinic, we aim to offer the latest, most effective and trusted, non-surgical cosmetic treatments for our clients. We intend for our results to be natural and realistic, but making you feel more refined, renewed and rejuvenated.

laser and light

Laser and Light treatments are becoming increasingly useful for a variety of skin and cosmetic conditions, including vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, hair removal and signs of ageing.

At Zinc Clinic, we are proud to bring to the Coffs Harbour region the Cutera Xeo Platform with its multitude of medical grade laser and light capabilities. It is the latest in laser and light cutting edge technology with proven results and an enviable safety profile. Dr Joseph Beaini is an accredited New South Wales trainer for the Cutera Xeo Platform, one of only two medical practitioners to hold this position.

before and after gallery

To respect our patients’ privacy, we do not have on-line galleries.
Dr. Beaini's results can be seen in rooms at your time of consultation.


zinc clinic gallery

Zinc Clinic is a unique cosmetic experience. Indulge yourself in our boutique beachfront establishment and enjoy the comforts we provide. All for your pleasure.

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Cosmetic medicine is an art and a science. We are passionate about art and reflect this in our media and branding. Take a look.




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